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Metropolitan Frame Company's philosophy stems from a time when an artisan was more than a stop between the dentist and the dry cleaner. Fine custom picture frames at honest values make us popular with discriminating consumers while professionals in the art world rely on our expertise to enhance and warrant their own trade.

Founder and President Andrew Stemple holds personal relationships with the country's top historic picture frame experts. As Metropolitan Frame keeps pulse on the regional market, this network of master craftsmen serve the bigger picture doing work in the National Portrait Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian Institute and even the White House.



Additional Services

Frame and art restoration, shipping, receiving, storage, delivery and installation are available to accentuate the picture framing process. These services are offered on a case-by-case basis with regard to whether they are performed under our own roof or out-sourced to a network of specialized professionals that spans the country.

Our Customers
Positioned to serve varied segments of both retail and wholesale markets, typical orders range from simple economy minded family photographs to century old oil paintings. Regional and national customers include collectors, museums, interior designers, artists and art galleries.

Our Staff
Our average employee has nearly twenty years of experience. A range of certified picture framers, carpenters, finishers, and accomplished fine artists are handling your work.

Our Facility
Built in 1900, we've thouroughly renovated our newest home at 424 Broadway in central Denver. Located in the heart of Denver's fine art venues, it is on everybody's way to somewhere. Every wall, light, and HVAC component in the 7000 square foot space has been located for the most ideal showroom, fitting, cutting, joining, finishing, restoration and storage spaces.