What We Do

Custom Framing & Restoration

Our work is accentuated by support from a trusted network of conservation, delivery and installation professionals.

We have put a team of expert partners in place to carry out even the most multifaceted projects.

Custom Frames

Our core business is custom picture framing. From start to finish, we build solutions for the presentation and preservation of artwork; equally adept at white-glove handling of historic frames, hand-crafted reproductions, and economy-minded solutions. We specialize in projects that honor our industry’s grand traditions, including carved and custom-milled mouldings that are custom finished in painted, stained and water-gilt finishes.

fine art preservation

Fine Art Preservation

Ensure the enduring beauty and integrity of your treasured art collection with our Fine Art Preservation services. Our expert team utilizes the latest in preservation technology and techniques to safeguard your valuable paintings against time and environmental damage. Tailored to the unique needs of each masterpiece, our approach guarantees that your fine art remains a source of joy and investment for generations.

Frame Restoration

Whenever possible, our view is to restore, rather than replace, damaged frames that are original to important artwork. This process may include the remedy of improper treatments from previous repairs, structural repair, replacement of gesso, replication of missing ornamental elements and new gilding.

Art Restoration

Our in-house staff capably performs cleaning, touch-ups and simple repairs to artwork. For more comprehensive restoration, we serve as an intermediary, administrating the process for our client. We’ve spent years developing relationships and vetting conservators to properly treat your artwork.