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Andrew Stemple

Andy’s 27 years of picture framing experience started with a part time job in college where his studies began with an art scholarship to Colorado State University. After studies in fine art, commercial art and art history, he would finish with a degree in Business Administration from Regis University and immediately establish Metropolitan Frame Company. Founded on his woodworking skills and fine art sensibilities, the company has become the largest of its kind in the Rocky Mountain Region under Andy’s network of conservators, collectors, curators, directors and consultants across Colorado and the United States. His role as an artist has been replaced by that of collector, a passion that keeps him in-step with his customers needs.

Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy is a designated Certified Picture Framer with 35 years of experience. After receiving a degree in English Literature from the University of Wyoming, he enjoyed work as a librarian, college instructor, jewelry maker and even a blackjack dealer before honing his woodworking, gilding and conservation skills in the trade of fine picture framing. Other interests include books and film, but Pat is best known off the field as a talented guitar player.

Brian Kennedy

Originally from Utica, New York, Brian earned his Arts Degree in Gainesville, Florida before coming to Denver in 2003. His eleven years of experience in the photo lab cultivated his interest in art preservation and he has been doing so since 2006. Brian loves Colorado as an avid snowboarder and hiker, but is also an accomplished musician known to be active in two to three bands at any one time.

Mike Barnes

A native to New Jersey, Mike grew up spending is summers in Salida, Colorado. Eventually he would live in Salida, and then relocate to Denver to attend the Art Institute. He joined Metropolitan Frame Company after taking his CPF exam, and although he spent a lot of his time heading up the production and hospitality part of the company, he has climbed a very steep curve in his 17 years to share custom fabrication and gilding responsibilities. He enjoys time with his family highlighted as a little league baseball coach.

Jodi Stemple

Native to Los Angeles, Jodi spent time in California, Florida and Kentucky before calling Colorado home. She was the office manager of an interior design firm when she met Andy Stemple. She quickly joined Metropolitan Frame Company doing frame design and became pivotal in sales and customer service. Over time, her primary focus would become their three children; however the company’s day-to-day success relies on her design and bookkeeping support.