Fine Art Framing, Denver Co

A true framing artisan recognizes that a frame must be the natural, integral compliment to a work of art. When readying a piece of fine art for permanent display or preservation, a frame is what will keep it preserved, protected and enshrined for the many years ahead — a strong and high-quality frame should be a high priority for those who collect and display fine art.

At Metropolitan Frame Company, we have specialized in fine art framing for decades, providing a host of framing services for some of Denver’s most prestigious universities and institutions. Read on to see how our framing experts can construction, or even reconstruct, the perfect companion for your piece.

Custom Frames

At the core of our business are our custom frame-building capabilities. We meticulously craft frames of any size and style, taking special care to build a frame to suit the work of art at hand, and that provides all the necessary preservation measures to keep the painting within looking flawless for many years ahead.

From recreations of historical frames, to entirely new creations, our framing artisans have what it takes to provide the unparalleled frames for nearly any work of art — be it a flat print, thickly-applied paint on a canvas, or something three-dimensional. If it can be framed, we at Metropolitan Frame Company will frame it.

Frame Restoration

We believe frames are integral to the art they carry, and so we always aim to restore rather than replace. If you have a work of fine art with a damaged or deteriorating frame, or you were unsatisfied with a previous frame repair attempt, we can help bring it back to its former glory.

At Metropolitan Frame Company, we can perform structural repairs, replace spots of missing gesso, recreate ornamental accents that have since been lost, and add new gliding.

Mirror Framing

Art is beautiful in its own right, but something equally as stunning can be found in a perfectly-framed mirror. Reflecting back the room and everything within it, a mirror can make for a highlight as eye-catching as anything, and a beautiful frame will be what keeps those eyes drawn in.

Just as we can fabricate a frame for any painting, we can accommodate a mirror of any size, and for any purpose — functional, decorative, and anywhere in between. The perfect accent to any floor, ceiling or vanity mirror, one of our handcrafted frames will turn a simple surface into something unforgettable.