Art Restoration 101 – Can it be Restored?

Restoring timeless pieces of art is an essential service that breathes new life into potentially faded or damaged works, preserving their beauty and historical value for generations to come. Art restoration needs artistry, science, and proper materials to respectfully and accurately restore each piece to its former glory.

Framing is important for artwork as it improves the look and keeps it safe. In this context, selecting a custom frame is paramount, and Metropolitan Frame Company stands as a leading provider in this domain.

Understanding the Technicalities of Art Restoration

art restoration

is the first step towards appreciating the expertise needed in reviving aged or damaged artworks. The process begins with a thorough assessment to determine the extent of damage and the restoration potential. Subsequently, a meticulous restoration plan is crafted, encompassing cleaning, repairing, and, of course, framing.

A custom frame does more than just encase the artwork; it serves as a protective barrier against environmental factors, such as light, dust, and humidity, all of which can further deteriorate the artwork over time. We make a custom frame to match the look of the artwork, enhancing its attractiveness and preserving its historical value.

At Metropolitan Frame Company, the intersection of art restoration and custom framing is well understood. With a rich legacy in providing tailored framing solutions, the company appreciates the crucial role a frame plays in the restoration journey.

In particular, the framing materials and design are chosen to not only match the era and style of the artwork but also to provide a stable environment, preventing further degradation. The glass or acrylic used in frames protects artwork from harmful UV rays that can fade colors and damage materials.

When restoring art, it is crucial to select a frame that complements the artwork’s history and style. Additionally, the frame should be chosen with the intention of preserving the artwork for an extended period. Metropolitan Frame Company’s expertise in creating custom frames for restored artworks shows its dedication to preserving art, history, and heritage.

In summary, art restoration is a meticulous and profound process with the goal of rekindling the original splendor of artworks. The role of custom framing in this endeavor is undeniable. By choosing Metropolitan Frame Company for your art restoration framing needs, you are not only ensuring the aesthetic enhancement of the restored piece but also its protection and preservation for the years to come.