Liven up a Space With Custom Framed Mirrors

Beyond art, mirrors make for a uniquely good candidate for placement in a stunning custom frame. Accentuating the existing beauty of a room can be just as captivating as adding more beauty manually through art, and framing that existing beauty can act as the perfect compliment and natural addition to it.

Mirror Frame Maker, Denver CO

Adding variety and utility to a space, custom framed mirrors are just as striking and memorable as painted canvases themselves when done well, and few things can make a mirror stand out and command attention better than its own dedicated frame.

Similarly to our frame-making capabilities for art, our mirror frames can be fabricated in any size to accommodate any size and shape of the mirror. From grand floor-to-ceiling mirrors to capture the essence of an entire room, down to mirrors only slightly bigger than that of a pocket mirrors. No matter if it’s rectangular or circular or anywhere in between, we have the experience necessary to craft the perfect frame to fit and accent any mirror.

Our extensive portfolio of frames highlights our stylistic expertise in frame-making and serves as proof of our ability to craft a frame for any mirror’s setting. Whether your frame will serve a chiefly utilitarian purpose or will act as a work of art in itself, we know how to make a mirror frame to match that purpose and the future stylistic setting of the mirror.

For custom-sized vanity mirrors, our approach is to typically make a less elaborate molding that lets the image speak for itself. In a vanity mirror’s setting, we feel it best to place less emphasis on the ornateness of the mirror itself and its setting, but rather on the subject, and thus we prefer a simple elegance that offers subtle compliments to the image, as opposed to a more striking and prominent frame.

When the mirror at hand is a decorative one, purpose-designed for a wall or to sit on the floor, that is when we opt for a more striking, prominent elegance. For such mirrors, we often hand-make and hand-finish our custom frames, with the same molding and carving techniques we employ when making frames for art. As, in these cases, the mirror is art, in essence, we believe that it is best to treat it just as we would art.

And just as mirrors may be art, you may also find you would like to take artistic liberties with your mirror. For those who want more personality to their mirror, we offer several variations of the glass used in our mirrors that provide a hint of artistic flair to further accent the beauty reflected in the mirror.

Beveled edges may serve as an extension of the frame and draw the eye further toward the image. While an antique mirror can complement a room with a similarly antique feel, multi-lite mirrors with seamed edges can act as a both stylistic and helpful highlight of the image, lighting it up while having a simplistically elegant look and feel.